About Us

“Kingly” comes from the ancient term “Kingly Herbs” which means an elite group of herbs used by the wealthy and royal thousands of years ago. The name defines the strength and regal nature of the stag male deer and signifies the power this amazing product offers to people.

 Kinglyvelvet gives health benefits ranging from aiding arthritis to easing psoriasis using natural supplements.

Kingly was discovered way back 2012 by a couple whose goal of taking this supplement across the world. James and Kim worked hard and continues to discover more about this amazing product having numerous benefits.

This couple knew that this product can make a difference with the people's lives, that is why they want this product to be recognized globally.


The Amazing Product
A 2,000 year old supplement consisting of a huge number of benefits with its hundreds of active ingredients. Kingly Velvet is a 100% natural and renewable source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in the whole world?