Assuring Antler Velvet Effectiveness

02/19/2014 13:59

Antler Velvet Effectiveness 

photo credit: ZaptheDingbat

Deer antler velvet is, hands down, one of the best and most effective dietary supplements in the market right now. Almost everyone can use it, although there are certain groups of people who direly need its benefits – especially body builders, athletes and individuals submit themselves to strenuous physical activity everyday. That said however, its effectiveness, like all food supplements and drugs, is highly determined by the user's way of life. Assuring its effectiveness is a big thing – you need to do so in order for the supplement's effects to fully manifest itself into your body system. How can you do so?

For body builders – protein, low carb and fat diet and a good workout routine

In order to gain bulk and build muscle, body builders have always employed recommended workout routines and food supplements like deer antler velvet and protein powders. These however, have limited effectiveness if proper lifestyle is not observed. Here are some recommendations:
  • Only eat lean, white meat – avoid the fatty portions. Juicy steaks are a good source of protein, but they're also rich in fats and calories. If you can't avoid them altogether, at least minimize them. You may also want to avoid fast food meat, like hotdogs and burgers. To avoid this dilemma, stock up on meats like chicken, venison, salmon, tuna and lean beef. 
  • Minimize sugary delights like cakes and cookies and instead, resort to healthier alternatives like oatmeal cookies instead. You may also want to exclusively take in whole wheat bread as carbs since these contain seven grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein per 100 grams. Make a tuna and cheese whole wheat bread sandwich and voila, a healthy lunch!
  • Aside from lifting weights, do cardio exercises like biking and treadmills as these enable you to sweat off the flab easily. Also remember not to skip leg day!

Ensure that it does not counteract with drugs and negatively affect existing medical conditions

Although deer antler velvet has no known interactions with drugs, you need to check with your physician first if you are taking in medication. It is a dietary supplement and given its natural composition, the body considers it as food – given this however, it does not mean that it should be a substitute for REAL food. Also remember that if you have existing health conditions and considerations, like pregnancy and chronic illnesses, you need a physician's advice before taking this supplement in.

Avoid health-related vices

The effects of deer antler velvet can be hindered by substances that are detrimental to human health. This includes smoking and excessive drinking – both of which can cause liver and kidney damage. Although an occasional can of beer won't hurt, drinking excessive amounts every day will certainly pave the way for irreversible ailments. That said, smoking a cigarette is like burning away a day off your lifespan. Insulin Growth Factor-1, an ingredient in deer antler velvet supplements, is produced in the liver – if the organ is damaged, then its ability to produce the said hormone is hindered.
Deer antler velvet has the task, responsibility and capability to promote human health and wellness – but remember, it is only a complementing factor. You need to lead an overall healthy lifestyle in order for it to be fully effective.